British Airways Customer Reviews:


Does the job well...

Works well and is intuitive to use. On Galaxy s7



Great app. Simple. Direct. Can get ticket. change seat. But needs way to update flight and gate availability


Find it intuitive, fast and very helpful when I am on the move.

User friendly

It is very easy to use.

Great app, the the core features you need

Very nice!

Really friendly and quick!


Does the job

Works every time

Easy to use

Great application

Can do everything I need AND it has the boarding passes....

Does what it needs to do

Does what it says!

Pretty much as you would expect. Easy to use. Updates on departure times a delays would be good and the seating plans sometimes don't display properly.

Useless... Doesn't find my booking. Tryed to send via de website to mobile app. Does not reconize anything.

BA app

Very easy to use and fast. Very good

Yea, it's alright

I've been using the app for a while now and really like it, the only downside is the point's are taking too long to build up.

British Airways

Terrible never available never checks in never has my bookings in it. Just useless

Does exactly what it does

Brilliant can see everything that i wanted too and easy to do plus download passes xo

Great app

It works well

Easy and functional

App is easy and navigation instructions clear. Have not used for booking flights yet.

Really easy to use.


Very good


Works, but 45MB for a simple Buy Ticket + check in app? You guys must be kidding. App autostarting and always running in the background only clogs resources and slows down the phone - man, I don't need that, I don't fly every day!

Great app

Use it all the time and always adds new functionality that makes it easier to use.

Until this app work with all flights with a BA number then it really isnt that helpful, however nicely designed. Two flights: for the second I had to use Iberia's website & print a boarding pass. As a solution it's therefore hopelessly incomplete.

Very useful

Great app

Does all it says and does it well

Work for me!

Excellent app

Online Check-in was a bit Wonky

Love this app in almost every way, a real travel helper with the exception of online check-in which was a bit flaky for me (had to go online to complete)

Great app

Everything about it just helps with the rigours of traveling.

I love it's simplicity and how reliable it is

Great app.

Mr Ashok

Exception service ,I love to fly with ba.

Very easy to use

Does exactly what I want it to do, very easy to use. Not 5 star as I don't like the search to log in.

Much improved, early versions were pants....

The app has one major problem. If you need to claim expenses then there is no way you can use the app to print off a boarding pass. This is a specific problem if you suddenly have to change flights and do not have time to go online then download the boarding pass on the laptop. which I would normally do to justify expenses and travel. Using Android phone there is also nowhere that a pdf is stored on the phone that would allow me to link the phone to the laptop and therefore print off the boarding pass. BA please do something about this.

Mr Sididzha

Great stuff